I'm MOVING! Say hello to my brand new studio space at 'The Bench'.

Hello gorgeous,

Today I'm making the move into my brand new studio and so it felt only right to tell you a little about the new space and how it came to be!

I met Ellys and Mark at Bowhouse last month, i'd stopped to admire all her beautiful work and we got chatting. I'm a big believer in fate and when they told me they were just about to open a jewellery workshop round the corner from my current studio, it very much felt like an opportunity and a meeting that was supposed to happen.

I wasn't looking for a new space but this felt to good not to apply!

It's with mixed emotions that I leave my little south facing haven at Crownpoint, I love sharing with Abbie (do check out her work and buy her prints - she is amazing!) and i'll miss our studio space immensley.

However as my skills as a jeweller develop my needs are changing. My new space at 'The Bench' not only allows me access to equipment and tools I otherwise wouldn't have but I also get the invaluable benefit of sharing a space with lots of talented and more experienced jewellers.

All of this means I can begin to develop new designs and styles for Wear With Grace that would otherwise be too difficult without access to certain tools.

As my skills grow, so does Wear With Grace. This is a big bold grown up step and i'm so grateful to you all for coming on this journey with me.

Stay fabulous,

Laura xx