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Pop Up flower shop and open studio

Saturday the 19th of June. 10-4. Studio 34, Comrie.

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If it makes you feel fabulous. Wear it.


Hoop earrings hold some kind of power.

"You can't convince me that hoop earrings don't hold some kind of power. Want to conquer the world? Wear hoop earrings."

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I've bought five pairs of earrings from WearwithGrace now - some for myself and some as gifts for others - and I love them all! So unique and so light & easy to wear. The colours and designs are gorgeous and these teeny tiny hoops are perfect to jazz up any outfit. Who doesn't love a hoop! Love love love. - Katie

Wear With Grace Studio

Contemporary Polymer Clay Jewellery. Handmade in Perthshire.

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Coil & Clay

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